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Toilet Repair & Installation

Clogged or leaking toilet?  Do you want to replace a poorly functioning or inefficient toilet with a high-efficiency, high-quality new toilet?  We can do it!


Frequent usage will eventually lead to the need of a plumber every once in a while due to various toilet problems such as clogs, poor flushing, rusted and leaking tanks, toilet overflowing, as well as the mysterious self-flushing toilet.


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How a Toilet Works

When the handle is pushed, the lift chain raises a rubber seal, called a flapper or tank ball. Water in the tank rushes down through the flush valve opening in the bottom of the tank and into the toilet bowl. Waste water in the bowl is forced through the trap into the main drain. When the toilet tank is empty, the flapper seals the tank, and a water supply valve, called a ballcock, refills the toilet tank. The ballcock is controlled by a float ball that rides on the surface of the water. When the tank is full, the float ball automatically shuts off the ballcock.

Toilet Problems & Repairs


Problem   Repairs
Toilet handle sticks or is hard to push  
  1. Adjust lift wires
  2. Clean and adjust handle
Handle must be held down for entire flush  
  1. Adjust handle
  2. Shorten lift chain or wires
  3. Replace waterlogged flapper


Handle is loose  
  1. Adjust handle
  2. Reattach lift chain or lift wires to lever
Toilet will not flush at all  
  1. Make sure water is turned on
  2. Adjust lift chain or lift wires


Toilet does not flush completely  
  1. Adjust lift chain
  2. Adjust water level in tank
  3. Increase pressure on pressure-assisted toilet
Toilet overflows or flushes sluggishly  
  1. Clear clogged toilet
  2. Clear clogged main waste-vent stack
Toilet runs continuously  
  1. Adjust lift wires or lift chain
  2. Replace leaky float ball
  3. Adjust water level in tank
  4. Adjust and lcean flush valve
  5. Replace flush valve
  6. Repair or replace ballcock
  7. Service pressure-assist valve
Water on floor around toilet  
  1. Tighten tank bolts and water connections
  2. Insulate tank to prevent condensation
  3. Replace wax ring
  4. Replace racked tank or bowl
Toilet noisy when filling  
  1. Open shutoff valve completely
  2. Replace ballcock and float valve
  3. Refill tube is disconnected
Weak flush  
  1. Clean clogged rim openings
  2. Replace old low-flow toilet
Toilet rocks  
  1. Replace wax ring and bolts
  2. Replace toilet flange

Choosing a New Toilet




There's a toilet to fit every style. The new designs are efficient, durable, and less likely to clog.




You have a number of options from which to choose:

Two-piece toilets have a separate water tank and bowl.

One-piece toilets have a tank and bowl made of one seamless unit.

Elongated bowls are roughly 2" longer than regular bowls

Elevated toilets have higher seats, generally 18", rather than the standard 15"

Gravity-assisted toilets allow water to rush down from an elevated tank into the toilet bowl.

Pressure-assisted toilets rely on either compressed air or water pumps to boost flushing power.

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